Stone Museum

The Native Stone Museum built in 1936 is as unique as it is funny looking. The building is constructed with "Crab Orchard" stone which is only found in Cumberland County Tennessee. No other place in the world but right here.

The Crab Orchard Stone company built the building to demonstrate the various ways Crab Orchard Stone could be used as a building material.

The coming of roads and railroads opened up the possibilities of commercial quarrying of Crab Orchard stone and now you find the stone in government buildings, schools, and churches in every state in the USA and many foreign countries.

The stone building was first a Tennessee Highway Patrol building until 1954. The Cumberland Centennial Committee used it as an office during the Centenial celebration. It was then the office for the DeRossett Insurance company and later still a downtown ticket office for the Cumberland County Playhouse. Recently, it was once again a Tennessee Highway Patrol building.

Today, it is on the National Register of Historic Places and a museum about our native stone industry operated by Downtown Crossville, Inc. The museum is open by appointment and for downtown events.