Waterfall Hill

At the council's regular March 2007 meeting, a motion was approved to accept a bid to retire three water tanks no longer needed by the city water department. The tanks include the old tank that has given its name to the hill leading into Downtown Crossville from the South on Hwy. 127.

That old tank has not been used in the city water system for several years as new water lines from Meadow Park Lake were installed along with the new tank at Homestead. Several years ago the city received a poor inspection report on the tank's condition, showing it no longer met standards to adequately protect drinking water.

While the exact date of the construction of the Water Tank Hill tank is shrouded in old city records and a search of the old city council minutes for information was fruitless several years ago, there is what could be a reference to that water tank, more correctly called a standpipe, in an article on the front page of the March 21, 1929 issue of the Crossville Chronicle.

The story was about new fire apparatus that the city had recently purchased, a hose reel and cart that still belongs to the fire department as an historic exhibit. The article mentions the city's standpipe, but says the "pressure is not sufficient to throw water with enough force to provide safe fire protection." This would have been some 10 years before water was piped into the city from Meadow Park Lake and the city's water supply at the time came from several wells, including one at the old Hotel Taylor. Members of the DCI Hardscapes Committee Carolyn Jozwiak and Corey Legare told the council that work was ready to get under way on the "Welcome to Crossville" sign at the site of the old water tank on Water Tank Hill and some $15,000 of services and material have been donated for the project. The installation will include a sign previously donated by Crossville, Inc. and made from tile produced at their local plant along with a rock waterfall designed by Woody Gregory of Gardens to Go. Other donations to the project include several tons of sandstone provided by Crossville Coal and transportation for the stone provided by Jeff Proffit Trucking.

The waterfall includes an underground water storage tank that allows the water feature to be used even during the winter. A large concrete slab that was part of the water tank will not have to be removed to install the water feature, saving some expense.

In addition to the welcome sign at the South end of downtown Crossville on Hwy 127, Downtown Crossville Inc., working with Crossville's Master Gardeners, erected a welcome sign a couple of years later at the North end of downtown Crossville on Hwy 127.